“I rather be hated for who i am then loved for who i am not”

Kurt Cobain

What can you observe when you never Google yourself ?

Do you speak Legal?

Affection like depreciation only exists in knowledge of someone.

E-reputation, web identity, identity theft article 226–4–1, image associations, image rights article 9, denigration of articles 1382 and 1383 civil code, defamation article 29, image rights and the communication of a company article 226–1 of the penal code, arrogant.

Droit pénal Français.

« Arrogant: Conduct inspired by ambition, the desire to succeed at any cost. »

Hyenas of the web ready, to mess you up. Have you already Googlise yourself ? Nice to meet you, the local redneck is juggling among your content. On one you never know, we’ll come observe it for legitimacy. Links which in legal parlance are related to notions of careerism, to misleading advertising, for defamation or on “ a bienentendu “the exotic behind his screen, takes you for sure, for Candide. The web user assimilates the images he observes, with his knowledge of the subject Observation, most of the case, do we even meet each other ? and through his own experiences, making his perception of the moment, reality. These wrong information that his mind accepts, interferes in his memory, like your truth. Web crimes, are you a virtuoso communicator ? When you are not an established business or you don’t have the ability to respond with the mastery of a press officer, the damage is permanent. At the speed of a glance, your potential interlocutor graves in his mind information insinuated by the presence of these links, apart from the reality of your existence. Effect sought by the clowns beside. Links and public images: global harm. Abstract or concrete, same struggle. Having unauthorized links removed will take you a period proportional to the marginalism of websites which, playing the uneducated of the Law that governs Society, are lacking to the necessary reactivity of these perilous situations, for your work or your reputation. The needy of the web, equal to the tabloids, beg for a unwanted featuring, favoring associations of falses images and informations, for the benefit of their own visibilities. Between twirling ass turns, their internals ping pong are laughable for those who doesn’t built their communication on this notion: arrogant, is fellatio is a need on your CV ? Strangers to your public and/or private life, on the web you are in inappropriate connivance with these strangers in your reality. In the room waiting for the marquee, you are a sociologist. Infractions in the private domain are most often, committed by those who surround you and brought into the web space, their misdeeds accessible to all, damage your communication. They rely on your creation like we suffer of scoops. These counterfeits intercourses are openings for their personnals communications, do you like upstarts ?

What is my favorite color?


Christine le Thérisien 2021